How It Works

GrillEasy™ FireQube is an innovative single-use recycled cardboard container with an internal vent system that allows the griller to easily prepare charcoal without the usual mess and chemicals traditionally associated with lighting charcoal. The container is placed into the grill and a wick is lit from the front. The container burns off while igniting the lump charcoal leaving them ready to use in under 15 minutes.

Grill Easy Natural Lump Charcoal Three Easy Steps


FireQube in Action
After lighting the FireQube, the charcoal ignition process goes through several phases.

Phase 1:
Initially, the SmartLight technology with it’s innovative draft system takes the flames up the chimney, creating a hot core in the middle of the FireQube.

Phase 2: First signs of the coals igniting will be indicated by smoke pouring out of the box. This is a normal part of the process due to the high heat created inside the FireQube. The hot core will continue to light the outer layer of the charcoal, while simultenously setting the box on fire.

Phase 3: Roughly 10 - 12 minutes into the process the FireQube begins to burn away leaving red hot coals ready to grill on. You are now ready to arrange the coals as you like and start grilling!

Grilling in the park

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